Marshall 2061 Lead and Bass Head 20 Watt with Cabinet Used Original Vintage 1972

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Marshall 2061 Lead & Bass Head 20 Watt made in 1972 matched with original Marshall Cabinet 1x12. 

This a 1972 Marshall Super Lead & Bass Model 2061 20 Watt Head known in the industry as a "Baby 20". Rare as hen's teeth! According to Mike Doyle & Brent Bagnano's "The History of Marshall", this model was released however, there are no references in any Marshall catalogs as to its existence, making these HIGHLY sought after. It also goes on to state that there is a circuit diagram referring to its schematic, which references it as a model 2061. The head is in EXCELLENT condition.  You can play this thing through a 1x12, 2x12 and it really opens up with a 4x12! This is a versatile amp. 

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